Richard P. Weber Psy.D. and Associates



Champion the integrity of the human spirit.

Our Mission

Champion the integrity of the human spirit




Our Efforts

Our professional staff members strive to help clients recover, empower themselves and improve their quality of life.



Our Values


We understand that it would be a disservice if our clinicians attempted to fit each individual client into a cookie-cutter mold.  At Richard P. Weber Psy.D. and Associates, each clinician completes a comprehensive assessment to gain a full understanding of each client’s issues and individual needs.  Each clinician then develops a treatment plan that respects the client’s needs, whether in an individual, family, couples or group setting.  Ultimately, we want clients to achieve optimal functioning. 


Giving back to the world

We understand that clinicians cannot diagnose and treat clients in a cookbook fashion. Our clinicians strive to use their skills to ensure a great level of care with an approach that best fits the client’s needs.